our values

Our Values

People-centered: We are committed to promoting active participation of our staff and our beneficiaries in peace and development, through improving their capacities.

 Gender Equity and Social Justice: We respect human diversity and work to ensure everyone is treated with respect and dignity, without discrimination on any grounds, including age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, political or tribal affiliation.

Truthfulness: We uphold our vision and values at all times, acting with integrity, accountability and transparency and look with great interest in:

1.      Demonstrate consistency, good character and decency in daily activities and behaviors;

2.      Act with honesty and trustworthiness without consideration of personal gain;

3.      Behave impartially and remain neutral to all forms of ethnic, religious, political, cultural, social or individual influences during the process of decision-making;

4.      Uphold and promote the Organization’s mission above that of personal interest and convenience.   

Impartiality:  HOPA is founded on and committed to impartiality, regard less of who our clients are. In the execution of its professional services, HOPA’s conduct is at all times free from discrimination, favoritism, self-interest, bias, or prejudice. In compliance with established international standards, HOPA’s services are performed in ways that are fair, just, equitable, impartial, unprejudiced, and objective to all parties.

Non-discrimination: In any case will not HOPA withhold its services, or programs for reasons related to race, color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, language, sexual orientation, opinion, political affiliation, wealth or social status of the parties.

Independence: HOPA is an independent non-profit organization, and is not dependent upon any government, commercial, political, ethnic or religious groups. HOPA is not subject to any authority or jurisdiction, except to its clients.

Confidentiality: By virtue of its mission in preventing and resolving ethno-religious conflicts, HOPA is bound to keep confidential all information, arising out of, or in connection with, the execution of professional services, including the fact that a mediation is to take place or has taken

place, unless compelled by law. Any information disclosed in confidence to HOPA mediators by one of the parties shall not be disclosed to the other parties without permission or unless compelled by law.

Respect for Diversity: Respect for diversity is at the heart of the mission of HOPA and guides the development and implementation of the Organization’s programs and services.

1.      Identify, study, and help the public understand diverse values embedded in religions and ethnicities;

2.      Work effectively with people from all backgrounds;

3.      Are polite, respectful and patient, treating everyone fairly and in a non-discriminatory manner;

4.      Listen attentively and make every effort to fully understand the diverse needs and positions of clients, beneficiaries, students, and members;

5.      Examine own biases and behaviors to avoid stereotypical assumptions and responses;

6.      Demonstrate respect for and understanding of diverse points of view by encouraging dialogue among and between differing constituencies, and challenging common current and historical prejudices, discrimination, and social exclusion;

7.      Give positive and practical support to the vulnerable and victims.


1.      HOPA shall exhibit the highest degree of professionalism in the provision of all services by:

2.      Demonstrating commitment to HOPA’s mission, programs and services at all times;

3.      Demonstrating high level of expertise and professional competence in the subject matter and implementation of ethno-religious mediation;

4.      Being creative & resourceful in providing conflict prevention, resolution and mediation services;

5.      Being responsive & efficient, competent, dependable, responsible, time-frame sensitive and result-oriented;

Showing exceptional interpersonal, multicultural and diplomatic skills.

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