Governance and Staffing

HOPA is headquartered in Kabul and has regional offices in Kandahar (center), with access and operations across the 34 Provinces of Afghanistan. HOPA staff members have a track record in NGOs work and extensive experience of working with the vulnerable and marginalized communities. Our technical expertise and capacity to manage projects has helped us build a good working relationship with the government departments and local communities in our geographical focus areas. The organization is run by 20 permanent staff including 4 females. They include management, program and operation staff. HOPA has professional management staff who has long term experiences in each of the organization thematic focus areas. The team also has professional M&E, finance, capable logistics and Admin to manage and handle program development, strategic planning, operations, finances, human resource management and internal control system of the organization.


The organization manages its programs through two different main sections namely Operation and Program. Both sections are managed and supervised by a managing director. HOPA is governed by a Board of Directors and Senior Management Team (SMT). The Board of Directors meet two times a year to evaluate the organization’s annual plan, annual budget, financial management and fund-raising activities and provide recommendations and advices to SMT on amending and adjusting policies and strategies according to the context and ground realities. A program consultant, who has more than 20 years of experience in program development and management has been recruited to support the program director and program team. The operation director, who is an associated chartered accountant with extensive experience in finance, procurement and administrative management supports the project on the operation front. The director of HOPA supports both internal operations as well as external coordination and communication with all partners/stakeholders and the government departments.

Capacity Building Program

The organization has provided the facilities for Capacity building program for all staff members, the first provision of the Capacity Building Program was regarding Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse for all staff member and have gotten certificate from UNICEF online course about PSEA, in other hand HOPA has conducted and taken other online course regarding I know Gender where HOPA’s members attended the course and have gotten the certificates. HOPA has plan to provide different type of Capacity Building Programs for employees.

Cluster Members

Humanitarian Organization for the People of Afghanistan is a member of UNHCR ES/NFI cluster for shelter, the cluster member attends monthly meeting for ES/NFI cluster in UNHCR office in Kandahar province, in other hand World Food Program WFP has taken HOPA’s assessment and become eligible for implementer partner with WFP and currently HOPA has applied for Food Security Agriculture Cluster FSAC. In other hand Humanitarian organization for the People of Afghanistan has completed the registration with UNICEF and verified for UNPP program and HOPA got registration with International NGOs Safety Organization (INSO) which will help in security activities in time of implementation of the projects. 

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