Supporting Returnees
Published 4 weeks ago

Supporting Returnees

Supporting Returnees

HOPA's Commitment to Assisting Returnees in Kandahar City

HOPA NGO, in collaboration with the World Food Programme (UN WFP), successfully implemented a project in Kandahar city aimed at assisting Afghan citizens who were deported from Pakistan and were returning to their homeland, Afghanistan. A total of 834 beneficiaries, including 741 males and 93 women, received five months of assistance funded by WFP, with each beneficiary receiving 3200 Afghanis (AFN). Additionally, 483 children were provided with Locally Produced Nutritious Supplement (LNS) to address their nutritional needs, while 158 pregnant and breastfeeding women received Super Cereal for their and their infants' well-being.

HOPA has always been committed to supporting Afghan citizens returning from various circumstances and locations. The NGO recognizes the challenges faced by returnees and works tirelessly to provide them with the necessary support for successful reintegration. HOPA's assistance programs prioritize the protection and well-being of returnees, with a strong focus on issues such as Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA), Gender-Based Violence (GBV), gender equality, and child protection. By offering comprehensive support and addressing the specific needs of returnees, HOPA aims to ensure a smooth transition and empower these individuals to rebuild their lives in their homeland, Afghanistan.



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