Supporting Returnees
Published 4 weeks ago

Supporting Returnees

Supporting Returnees

HOPA's Commitment to Assisting Returnees in KDR Panjwai

HOPA (Humanitarian Organization for the People of Afghanistan) in Partnership with UN WFP (World Food Programme) has consistently demonstrated its dedication to assisting Afghan citizens in their journey back to their homeland of Afghanistan. In a recent project implemented in Kandahar Panjwai, HOPA targeted 210 beneficiaries, specifically focusing on returnees who had been deported from Pakistan. The project aimed to provide essential support and assistance to these individuals as they navigated the challenges of reintegration.

During the five-month project, HOPA provided a comprehensive food package to the targeted beneficiaries, including floured wheat, oil, split peas, salt, Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements (LNS), and Super Cereal funded WFP. This assistance not only addressed the immediate nutritional needs of the returnees but also contributed to their overall well-being. Additionally, HOPA prioritized the protection of vulnerable populations, placing a particular emphasis on issues such as the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA), gender-based violence (GBV), gender equality, and child protection. By integrating protection principles and creating a safe environment, HOPA ensured that the returnees received the necessary support to rebuild their lives and reintegrate successfully into Afghan society.

HOPA's unwavering commitment to assisting Afghan citizens returning from Pakistan showcases its dedication to supporting individuals in their journey back to their homeland. By providing essential assistance, addressing protection issues, and promoting a culture of respect and safeguarding, HOPA continues to make a positive impact, ensuring that returnees receive the support they need to thrive in their communities once again.


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