Micro Lending
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Micro Lending

Micro Lending

Introduction for the Program

The project is supporting the further development of the microfinance sector in Districts and Center of Kandahar province Afghanistan, through an integrated package of support. As a result, participating financial institutions (PFIs) throughout in Kandahar Province, which will be identified through a series of institutional assessments, will be better able to provide profitable, appropriate, reliable and safe financial services to financially literate clients and capable businesses, with a view to reducing poverty.    

 Evaluation and Implementation of the project

The Project was highly relevant to the Country Strategy and Program (CSP) for Afghanistan, whose main aim has consistently been a sustainable reduction in poverty. The key Components of the CSP update were to improve basic social services and take developmental actions, to enhance human resources development and eradicate the poverty from the selected area, and to promote good governance in the Micro lending sector. HOPA policy advocates adoption of an integrated approach to Micro Lending management, improved access to quality structure of the project, the introduction of regulatory control, and use of the private sector for scheme development and management of Kandahar province Micro Lending facilities. All of these policies were reflected in the Project in time of the implementation of the project and during the project the Evaluations were conducted by staff member of HOPA.

Similarly, the Project was very relevant to Kandahar province and District development objectives as defined in the need of the people. Further relevant objectives of the plan included the provision of appropriate sanitation services, reduction of poverty, and elimination of the burden of the poor people, which is done mostly by men.  The inclusion of NGO coordination in the Project is, therefore, particularly appropriate.


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