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The purpose of this project is to facilitate work opportunities and empower Afghans. Main while the goals are to provide small business chances to poor Afghans (men & women). It will eradicate unemployment in community and also brings new opportunities to the people of Afghanistan, hence it is a fight against poverty. It is delegated that in this part of BASYA program we have created jobs for 50 poor and widowed women where they are living in Kandahar district 6, district 7, district 9, and far away from Kandahar city in Arghandab, Zhari and Panjwayi districts. Before the BASYA program conducted, their Occupation was (handicraft sewing clothes) ((لاسي غاړی, but after the revolution occurred in Afghanistan the values of (handicraft sewing clothes) ((لاسي غاړی were down in Afghanistan and the market consideration was rarely poor. So, they became unemployed and they were unable to complete their daily needs, their wages were not enough to fulfil their needs. In the result we have distributed fabric and (yarn) (cord) to them and hired an experienced woman to monitor their activities and hand over the reports to the main office.

After the accomplishments of their activities and duties for the products (handicraft sewing clothes) ((لاسي غاړی, they will bring back the

 products to BASYA main office, and they will be given fair wages for their products (Handicraft sewing clothes) (لاسي غاړی).  It is said that the internal market for the product is very poor, thus it will be mark able to find out international market for the product and export the products internationally.  

Finally, this (handicraft sewing clothes) ((لاسي غاړی products will find out foreign consumers, as a result Afghan woman will be kept away from begging on roads or asking for food instead, they will earn by their own hands and will be independent from other’s hands small business opportunities and employments will be created in order to meet the family’s need.

This opportunity will eradicate the poverty and will stabilize the life to Afghan women, and the products will represent Afghan culture for foreigners who are willing to purchase Afghan products, hence the products will pursue in international market for loyal consumers. On the other hand, this livelihood is affected for the employments of Afghan women. The priorities of the impacted projects are based on the skills and capabilities of Afghan women are well-known for their skills. Finally the project will contain the impacts for the relationship of Afghans and Foreigners where the products will be shown in any exhibition and represent Afghan Handicraft products.   


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