Our Program Focus

HOPA key thematic focus areas are Education, Livelihoods, Community Development, Women’s rights, WASH, construction, Agricultural, Microfinance, Food Distribution and Humanitarian Response. Among other livelihood and right-based interventions, HOPA focusses more on empowering target beneficiaries (vulnerable women, children/youths from IDP and Returnee Populations) based on Health, Agriculture, Education, and Reconstruction through its awareness and informative activities. In this respect, HOPA integrates education activities in the livelihood projects targeting women and children.  

HOPA also has the capacity to undertake education specific projects for the Out of School Children and Adult Women, who did not have chances to get education due to several obstacles in the past including armed conflicts and natural disasters. HOPA has the required capacity to establish Community Based Education (CBE) centers for children and Literacy centers for women in the hard-to-reach areas includes Reconstruction, Health, Social Affairs and Agricultural Sector.

HOPA has affiliation and membership in several clusters and working groups that are working in the educations, WASH, Nutrition, Protection, Microfinance, Food Distributions, Social, Health and Agricultural sector at national and sub-national levels. This gives a strengths and strong opportunity to HOPA to actively engage in the organization thematic focus areas in particularly in education and livelihoods service delivery - where greater need is existed.

World Food Program (WFP)

United Nation Partner Portal (UNPP)

ES/NFI Shelter Cluster (UNHCR)

Education Cluster(UNICEF)

FSAC Cluster (WFP-FAO)


International NGOs Safety Organization (INSO)

Mrasta Charity Foundation (MCF)

MCF that has been working in Afghanistan for more than one decade, was established in 2013 and has completed various projects successfully with impacted result in humanitarian sector with different Funders and international Organization.

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