Published 6 months ago
Deadline 2023-12-05
Job Code: H120-2126
Duration: 5 months contract

Field Monitor

Humanitarian Organization for the People of Afghanistan

National Staff Position

Job Description:


 Field Monitor 

Job Station


Reporting to (hyerarchcal)


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 6 months contract


 Full time



About Humanitarian Organization for the People of Afghanistan:

 Humanitarian Organization for the People of Afghanistan (HOPA) is established in 2022 is a non-governmental, non-profit organization (NGO) registered under registration No. 5412 with the Ministry of Economy, Afghanistan. HOPA is dedicated to provide emergency aid and support humanitarian assistance for Afghans in various parts of the country. vulnerable, women, men, youth, and children and in particularly Social affairs, Agriculture, Health, Reconstruction and Returnees addressing the most urgent needs of the target groups through service provision and advocacy efforts to alleviate poverty and build their resilience. HOPA main focused area is working with farmers, poor families, employment, education, health, food security and as well as minorities with partners together now. HOPA is strongly focusing its interventions on contributing to more productive and sustainable livelihoods, particularly within the employment, food and sheltering sector, and on strengthening basic economic activities such as providing small loans to skilled poor works with the ultimate goal for eradication of poverty in Afghanistan. Understanding that resolving conflicts and working for social peace at all levels of society is a prerequisite to successful development of Afghan society.

Job Purpose:

Execute Program, according to Regional Director indications and HOPA procedures, in order to ensure the activities of the porgram and develop the activities to donor’s requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·        Collect monitoring data from the field using appropriate monitoring tools and checklists.

·        Monitor the delivery of shipments of equipment in assigned port.

·        Collect information of installation and functioning of the shredder autoclave at the site.

·        Monitor the training data shared by MoH with the reality on sites.

·        Participate in all required trainings and workshops.

·        Real time reporting of any concerns with regards to gender or SEA/SH.

·        Actively work towards the achievement of the Federation Secretariat’s goals.

·        Abide by and work in accordance with the Red Cross and Red Crescent principles.

·        Perform any other work-related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the line manager.

Job Requirements:

  • 12 graduate
  • Excellent communication skills and English Proficiency, both oral and written;
  • Excellent computer skills in word processing and excel.
  • Outstanding team building and management skill.
  • Negotiation and decision-making skills.
  • Ability to make decision and get measurable results through a diverse team.
  • Ability to manage and direct a multicultural and multi-disciplinary team.
  • Time-management and organization skills

Please submit your CV Physically to the following Address or through below email Address:

House # 34, Bagh D Area, Ayno Mina, Kandahar 3801, Afghanistan


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